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What Others Have To Say

"Z. Rebeca Rogers is one of the most conscientious and knowledgeable occupational therapists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only does she immediately put everyone at ease and makes you feel comfortable, she is not pushy in any way. She is also very thorough in analyzing and recommending the right kind of occupational therapy needed. In our particular situation, our 28 year old son was experiencing significant memory loss and difficulty retaining anything he had just read. He would have to read the same page over and over again in order to retain a minimal portion of the information on the page.

Due to her keen insight and prior experience working with other veterans who had also experienced traumatic brain injuries, she provided additional occupational therapy techniques to help our son regain working memory function.

Overall, I am amazed at her insight, constant dedication and the encouragement she provided our son every step of the way. We are very grateful for Z. Rebeca Rogers. She is truly a professional who cares deeply for her patients! We are very grateful for her help! Thank you again!"

Parent from Federal Way, Washington

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